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Part 5

Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

  1. The custodial staff ——- that we clean our dishes before leaving the kitchen.

(A) requests

(B) behaves

(C) uses

(D) visits

  1. If customers lose their original warranty ——, they can download a new one from the Web site.

(A) certify

(B) certificate

(C) certifiable

(D) certifiably

  1. Our Portview branch is located ——- the central business district, between Burnside Avenue and Everett Street.

(A) on

(B) to

(C) for

(D) in

  1. None of the employees ——- that Mr. Annan planned to retire at the end of the year.

(A) knowingly

(B) known

(C) knew

(D) to know

  1. Apply to Joneston Stores today so as not to miss -——— chance to join a great sales team.

(A). you

(B) your

(C) yours

(D) yourself

  1. Employees are eligible to receive a ——– salary if they complete a special marketing course.

(A) possible

(B) frequent

(C) closed

(D) higher

  1. Keeping the Deal, Jan Butler’s latest volume on management style, is her most commercially ——- book to date.

(A) successfully

(B) successful

(C) succeed

(D) success

  1. Present this postcard to a sales ——- at any of our stores and receive a £5.00 gift card,

(A) accessory

(B) associate

(C) faculty

(D) formula



  1. Lakeside Shopping Center has undergone a renovations in the last decade.

(A) multiple

(3) multiply

(C) multiples

(D) multiplied

  1. There is a mandatory meeting today for everyone involved in managing or recruiting

(A) staplers

(B) volunteers

(C) devices

(D) headquarters

  1. The Smeeville bus system will accept only Rove Fare cards ——- May 1 onward.

(A) now

(B) from

(C) while

(D) when

  1. Relocating for work is ——- a difficult decision, but it can be rewarding.

(A) understandably

(B) understanding

(C). understood

(D) understand

  1. Last week Parmax Corporation ——- a disagreement with its main competitor concerning patent infringement.

(A) settling

(B) settler

(C) settle

(D) settled

  1. Khoury Dairy’s upgraded milk-bottling system has ——- increased productivity in the Tallahassee plant.

(A) consistency

(B) consistencies

(C) consistent

(D) consistently

115, The Rinka 2000 blender has not received a single ——- in the New Products Web forum.

(A) complained

(B) complaint

(C) complaining

(D) complain

  1. After raising $45 million last year, Yamamoto Technologies is now ——- Seattle’s best-funded companies.

(A) into

(B) over

(C) among

(D) across

  1. Deangelo’s Delights was so popular that the owner opened two —— bakeries.

(A) allowable

(B) additional

(C) uninterested

(D) inclusive

  1. Chef Octavia Farina took over Fratelli’s Restaurant ——- the previous chef left to open a new restaurant.

(A) unless

(B) rather than

(C) as if

(D) after

  1. The director of Wingstom Foods commended Ms. Weiss for increasing ——- in the bakery division.

(A) produced

(B) producing

(C) production

(D) productive

  1. Greg Owens, founder of multi-national Hermes Taxi Service, used to drive a taxi

(A) he

(B) his

(C) himself

(D) his own

  1. Starlight Theaters is proud to announce record earnings for the third quarter, far exceeding ——- .

(A) adjustments

(B) endorsements

(C) computations

(D) expectations

  1. Employees can attend one of the many workshops offered, ——- seems most interesting.

(A) whichever

(B) however

(C) everyone

(D) much

  1. ——- her strong negotiation skills, Marie Russel was made Sanwa, Inc.’s lead sales contact.

(A) Given

(B) Deciding

(C) Finding

(D) Because

  1. A locked suggestion box will allow employees to submit feedback to management ——- .

(A) anonymously

(B) approximately

(C) expressly

(D) patiently

  1. Anew strategy is under development to ——- our products more aggressively overseas.

(A) invest

(B) compete

(C) participate

(D) market

  1. ——– on the city’s ongoing revitalization project, Mayor Owen promised that residents would be pleased with the results.

(A) Comment

(B) Comments

(C) Commented

(D) Commenting

  1. ——– repairs to the plumbing pipes in the Moffett Building will be costiy.

(A) Tremendously

(B) Unfortunately

(C) Casually

(D) Enormously

  1. The CEQ’s speech will be recorded in its ——- and made available to employees who could not attend the meeting.

(A) entirety

(B) system

(C) perception

(D) estimation

  1. Trails on the southeast side of the mountain are often closed ——~ because storms tend to occur without warning.

(A) accidentally

(B) coincidentally

(C) steeply

(D) unexpectedly

  1. Please submit your hours ——- any work-related expense reports by Friday.

(A) as well as

(B) above all

(C) in addition

(D) in case that

Part 6

Directions: Read the texts that follow. A word, phrase, or sentence is missing in parts of each text. Four answer choices for each question are given below the text. Select the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 131-134 refer to the following notice.

Power Outage Scheduled at City Hall

On Friday, April 14, the city hall’s electricity is scheduled to be shut down at 7 A.m. and restored at 6 p.m. The building (131)——— for the day. During the power outage, the emergency lighting system will be upgraded (132)——–  all circuit panels will be replaced to bring them into compliance with current safety codes.

(133) ——— exiting city hall offices on Thursday, please disconnect all desktop computers, wireless servers, and other computer-related equipment. Furthermore, employees are asked to remove any personal contents from the kitchenette(134)——- Please direct questions or concerns to the director of building maintenance.


(A) has closed

(B) closing

(C) will close

(D) was closing


(A) In that case

(B) Regularly

(C) Rather than

(D) Specifically


(A) Inside

(B) Beyond

(C) Without

(D) Before


(A) Any items left behind will be discarded.

 (B) The contents of each refrigerator must be labeled.

 (C) Employees should report to work as usual.

(D) Emergency lighting will allow each department to remain operational.


Questions 135-138 refer to the following e-mail.

To: Annette Schreiber <aschreiber@www.aschreiber.net>

From: Herbert Peraino, General Manager <hperaino@partyon.com>

Date: May 5

Subject: Private Party

Hello Ms. Schreiber,

Thank you for considering Partyon for your upcoming event. We welcome the opportunity to inform you about the areas we have available.

(135)——–. Our patio, for instance, can hold up to 15 people. This space is (136)——– for small get-togethers. Our lounge area can fit up to 40 people. It is best suited for informal (137) -——- .

Then there’s our grand dining room, intended for more formal parties. It offers accommodations for up to 60 guests. Moreover, we can (138)———— design either a lunch or dinner menu for you according to your specifications.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Herbert Peraino



(A) We offer different settings depending on the size of your party.

(B) We are happy to answer any query you have about available dates.

(C) We are interested in hearing your opinion about our services

(D) We offer lunch and dinner catering  options for various types of events.


(A) worried

(B) exact

(C) ideal

(D) ultimate


(A) gatherings

 (B) locales

 (C) collections

 (D) methods


(A) easy

(B) easily

(C) ease

(D) easier


Questions 139-142 refer to the following article.

TAYLORSVILLE (October 4)—Mayor Bo Crandell of the town of Taylorsville announced plans for a bicycle share program this week. Past efforts to encourage the use of bicycles for transportation failed because there were no convenient areas to park bicycles downtown. Additionally, cyclists (139)——– to share narrow streets with cars and trucks, raising safety concerns.

With the new bicycle-share initiative, bicycle stations will be placed “ja0- at eight locations around Taylorsville. One important purpose of the initiative is to ease the limited vehicle parking in the downtown area. ‘’(141)———, | want to encourage local residents to spend more time outdoors and enjoy our beautiful town,” added the mayor at the end of his remarks. (142)——-


(A) were forced

(B) force

(C) will be forcing

(D) have forced


 (A) strategizing

(B) strategy

(C) strategic

(D) strategically


(A) Otherwise

(B) Rather

(C) Moreover

(D) Similarly


 (A) People who use the program have created Web-site accounts.

 (B) In a recent survey, many respondents mentioned a concern for safety.

(C) Nearby Grandmont’s bicycle-share program is in its fifth successful year

(D) He aims to have the bicycle stations ready for use as early as next April.


Questions 143-146 refer to the following e-mail.


(A) Thank you for adhering to the policies.

(B) Our new logo is displayed on the cover.

(C) This is the first change in over ten years.

(D) Corporate lawyers were hired to write it.


(A) revised

(B) deleted

(C) discussed

(D) notified


 (A) In summary

(B) On the other hand

(C) As a matter of fact

(D) Immediately afterward


(A) to attend

(B) who attended

(C) while attending

(D) in attendance at

Part 7

Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer shee.

Questions 147-148 refer io the following notice.

Sales Lunch Workshop

Attention sales associates! Are you new to CMG Direct Retail? Is your sales sheet looking a little short? Do you want to increase your commissions but can’t seem to find new clients? Come to this month’s lunch workshop, where Senior Sales Manager Chad Avakian will share his secrets for locating, securmg, and expanding new accounts! Lunch is not provided, so be sure to pack something for yourself. After the meeting, a digital recording of the full presentation will be made available on the company’s training Web site, so there’s no need to bring a laptop for notes. Please RSVP to the training department at events@cmgdr.com to reserve your space.

  1. What are attendees advised to bring to the meeting?

(A) Some food

(B) Sales sheets

(C) Registration forms

(D) A laptop computer

  1. Who will most likely benefit from the event?

(A) Senior sales managers

 (B) Staff in the training department

 (C) New clients of CMG Direct Retail

 (D) Recently hired sales professionals


Questions 149-150 refer io the following online form.

  1. What kind of business is Bywater and Sons?

(A) A renovation contractor

(B) A property management office

(C) A moving company

(D) A delivery service

  1. What is indicated about e-mail addresses?

(A) They will be used to send invoices.

 (B) They will be kept private.

 (C) They will be stored in a company database.

 (D) They are necessary to receive a free price quote,


Questions 151-152 refer to the following online customer service chat.

151.-Why does Ms. Soler contact Pryan Clothing?

(A) She wants to return an item.

(B) She is having trouble ordering.

(C) She never received an order she

(D) She has a complaint about customer

  1. At 5:08 p.m., what does Ms. Soler most likely mean when she writes, “| would appreciate that”?

 (A) She will accept the help being offered.

 (B) She has received her confirmation purchased. — e-mail.

(C) She would like to choose a different service. color,

(D) She is thankful that the item is still on sale.


Questions 153-154 refer to the following article.

  1. What is indicated about industries that rely on diesel mechanics?

(A) They have increased their profits by 15 percent.

(B) They will need more trained technicians.

(C) Their workers are underpaid.

(D) They are growing quickly in Centerville.

  1.  What will guest students NOT be able to do at the event?

 (A) Ask questions about the field

 (B) Attend free classes

 (CG) Take part in practice tasks

(D) Earn credit toward a diploma


Questions 155-157 refer tc the following e-mail.

  1. What is suggested about Mr. Katzberg?

(A). He is a well-liked colleague.

(B) He is transferring to another department.

(C) He is preparing a presentation.

(D) He is not able to attend an event.

  1. What does Mr. Egami ask team members to do?

(A) Contribute to a gift purchase

(B) Keep a secret

(C) Prepare some food

(D) Pose for a group photo

  1. The word “capture” in paragraph 1, line 6, is closest in meaning to

(A) gain

(B) represent

(C) conclude

(D) get control of


Questions 158-160 refer to the following information.

Factory Staff: Break Times

Full-time factory staff are entitled to three breaks daily and are encouraged to use them. Please attend to any personal business during these break times. — [1] —-. Those who work a full eight-hour shift may take a fifteen-minute break in the morning and another fifteen-minute break in the afternoon. Lunch breaks are 30 minutes long.

There is a break area on the ground level that includes a kitchen and a staff lounge. —- [2] —. Please note that the refrigerator is cleaned out every Friday evening, so be sure to take home any leftover food that you want to save.

There are lockers in the staff lounge for storing personal items. — [3] —. Employees are welcome to use the restrooms adjacent to the staff lounge. —— [4] —.


  1. Where would the information most likely be found?

(A) In a product manual

(B) In a sales department invoice

(C) In an employee handbook

(D) In a company press release

  1. What is indicated about the staff break area?

 (A) It has just been renovated.

(B) It has several vending machines.

(C) It is on the second floor.

(D) It has a refrigerator.

  1. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best  belong?

 “This includes making phone calls, texting, and using social media.”

 (A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]


Questions 161-163 refer to the following article.

  1. Why did SPG purchase Bear Industrial?

(A) SPG needed to be closer to its suppliers.

(B) SPG wished to expand its business in a different region.

(C) Bear Industrial had more advanced manufacturing equipment.

(D) Bear Industrial was going out of business.

  1. What is true about the products produced by Bear Industrial?

(A) They are intended to be thrown away after use.

(B) They are used in fine restaurants.

(C) They are imported to Quebec.

(D) They are undergoing redesign.

  1. According to the article, what will SPG likely do in the future?

(A) Reduce staff

(B) Relocate its headquarters to Quebec

(C) Work with other companies similar to Bear Industrial

(D) Appoint a new president 


  1. What is Ms. Shu’s company doing next month?

(A) Making a charitable donation

(B) Offering a product discount

(C) Recruiting new employees

(D) Working with a business consultant

  1. What does Ms. Bech offer to do?

(A) Find a venue

(B) Promote an event

(C) Locate a news article

(D) Contact a potential client

  1. At 9:38 a.m., what does Ms. Shu most likely mean when she writes, “You’re online a lot’?

(A) An article will need more research.

(B) A Web site could benefit from some revisions.

(C) Ms. Bech is well suited for a task.

(D) Ms. Bech may already be familiar with a company.

  1. What does Ms. Bech indicate about Yakima Daily News staff members?

(A) Their e-mail addresses can be foun can be on the editorial page.

(B) Their e-mail addresses are likely structured the same way.

(C) They often receive news tips from the public by e-mail.

(D) They might not respond to e-mails in a timely manner.


Questions 168-171 refer to the following article.

  1. What is NOT indicated about Afrojam?

(A) It takes place once every two years.

(B) It has become more ‘popular aver time.

(C) It has been organized three times before.

(D) It is usually held in the Ashanti Amphitheatre.

  1. What most likely is Strawberry Jam?

(A) A ticket sales company

(B) A video streaming site

(C) A food establishment

(D) A musical group

  1. What must festivalgoers do to receive a discount?

 (A) Fill out a survey

(B) Show a concert ticket

(C) Contact the event organizers

(D) Visit the festival Web site

  1. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

“A complete list of food vendors will be posted on the event Web site by 15 July.”

(A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]


Questions 172-175 refer to the following e-mail.

  1. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

(A) To establish an organization

(B) To report on staff promotions

(C) To announce participation in an event

(D) To honor the recipients of an award

  1. What is stated about Ms. Tufton?

(A) She will be visiting Yates Restaurant in  July.

(B) She has written several recipe books.

(C) She began her career in Jamaica.

(D) She is presenting at a conference.

174, What is indicated about Mr. Munroe and  Ms, Pinnock?

 (A) They improved some cooking techniques.

 (B) They once managed a restaurant together.

(C) They have led workshops before.

(D) They are skilled in their roles.

  1. What are staff asked to do?

 (A) Submit some information

 (B) Photocopy some material

(C) Help keep the restaurant clean

(D) Schedule a meeting with Ms. Yates


  1. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

 (A) To ask an employee to arrange an event

(B) To discuss a baseball team’s request

(C) To inform employees about ticket prices

(D) To solicit suggestions for a company outing

  1. What is indicated about Mr. Yoneya?

(A) He found an error on the team’s Website.

(B) He regularly attends baseball games.

(C) He wants to change the date of an event.

(D) He recently moved to Billington.

  1. What section of the stadium is best for the Western States Milling staff?

(A) Home Run Pavilion

(B) First Base Dugout Den

(C) North Side Party Deck

(D) Deluxe Suites

  1. What is NOT an additional benefit available to group ticket halders?

(A) A visit from Bobby Buffalo

(B) A welcome announcement

(C) A discount on merchandise

(D) A group photograph

180, According to the Web page, what must Mr. Crosby do in order to make a reservation?

(A) Make a deposit

(B) Have his supervisor sign a form

(C) Call the box office

(D) Complete an online ticket request

  1. What does the article suggest about residents of Barrie?

(A) They believe that the city is growing too rapidly.

(B) They wish that the city had another public sports facility.

(C) They find that local running events disrupt traffic.

(D) They place an emphasis on exercise activities.

  1. In the article, the word “allows” in paragraph 2, line 6, is closest in meaning to

(A) gives permission

(B) makes possible

(C) replaces

(D) includes

  1. What is stated in both the article and the Web page?

(A) Anew program begins on March 20.

(B) GRI has two outdoor swimming pools.

(C) The summer is a busy time for GRI.

(D) GRI is collaborating with the Ontario Foundation for Teaching and Learning.

  1. What qualification is desired for the jobs listed on the Web page?

(A) The ability to relate well with others

(B) Three to four years of experience

(C) A willingness to do administrative work

(D) A-valid driver’s license

  1. What is suggested about the education program for teenagers?

(A) It was designed by experts.

(B) It trains professional athletes.

(C) It was created by institute staff.

(D) It is scheduled to be one month long.


  1. According to the form, what type of employment is Ms. Rigby seeking?

(A) Apart time position

(B) A job working from home

(C) A position working directly with clients

(D) A job requiring relocation for a new career

  1. Where does Ms. Rigby most likely live?

(A) Liverpool

(B) Dublin

(C) Lancaster

(D) York

  1. What is required for the position at Quisco Ltd.?

(A) Knowledge of multiple languages

(B) Resolving customer problems

(C) Scheduling repair requests

(D) Attending training seminars

189, What does training at Denville Telecom involve?

(A) Learning safety procedures

(B) Traveling internationally

(C) Communicating with customers

(D) Using specialized software

  1. What is likely true about Ms. Rigby?

(A) She is willing to work irregular hours.

(B) She is willing to organize seminars.

(C) She will change work departments.

(D) She will teach at the Powell School.


  1. What does Mr. Stone’s letter suggest about a property?

(A) It has not been maintained for several

(B) It is priced too high for his budget.

(C) It is located close to an area for meeting. shopping.

(D) It is no longer for sale.

  1. According to the meeting minutes, who presented a financial plan to the district council?

(A) Harold Glass

(B) Stuart Kaplan

(C) Amanda Mueller

(D) Carla Phillips

  1. How did the district council most likely respond to Mr. Stone’s letter?

(A) It supported the renovation of a community hall.

(B) It scheduled a presentation by Regal Properties,

(C) It canceled a February meeting.

(D) It approved a zoning change for a building.

  1. What is indicated about the residents of Lighthouse Apartmenis?

 (A) Many of them are small-business years. owners.

 (B) They will vote at the next district council

 (C) They will have more parking options in December.

(D) Many of them walk to their jobs.

  1. What is a feature of the apartments in the advertisement? ,

 (A) Large bedrooms

 (B) Updated kitchen designs

 (C) Free Wi-Fi

 (D) Floor-to-ceiling windows


  1. Based on the first e-mail, what is most likely true about the Linton Business Alliance?

(A) It opposes a city policy.

(B) It is a new organization

(C) It charges membership fees.

(D) It is led by city officials.

  1. What item does Ms. Fowler suggest could  be removed from the proposed agenda?

(A) Item 1

(B) Item 2

(C) Item 3

(D) Item 4

  1. What does the proposed agenda indicate  about Mr. Clark?

(A) He is applying for membership.

(B) He will be a guest speaker.

(C) He is a retired journalist.

(D) He will take notes during a discussion.

  1. What can be concluded about the upcoming meeting?

 (A) It will be open to the general public.

(B) (t will receive significant media attention.

(C) It will be missing at least one group member.

(D) It will require attendees to bring some equipment.

  1. In the second e-mail, what information about lunch does Ms, Fowler provide?

 (A) The time of a reservation

(B) The number of attendees

(C) The cost


(D) The location

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